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ETO Sterilizer
We present a collection of ETO Sterilizer that sterilize medical and pharmaceutical products that cannot withstand conventional high temperature steam sterilization. Products such as electronic components, plastic packaging or plastic containers are ideal for getting sterilized by these machines. The devices uses Ethylene oxide gas to kill pathogenic germs that may be present in instrument and medical supplies.
Autoclave Sterilizer
This collection of Autoclave Sterilizer has sterilizing devices that makes use of high-pressure saturated steam for disinfected the surgical instruments, medical equipment and other medical supplies. The cleaning is done at very high temperatures where the steam is administered to the objects for different time periods depending upon the load and its size.
ETO Gas Cartridges
The offered range of ETO Gas Cartridges are easy-to-use cartridges that is filled with ethylene oxide gas that is required by sterilization devices. It is a handy cartridge that do not have a bulky size, hoses or valves and filters that needs adjustment or replacement. These single-dose cartridge provide low-temperature sterilization without the releasing harmful CFCs or HCFCs.
Ultrasonic Cleaner
The offered collection of Ultrasonic Cleaner makes use of the ultrasonic sound waves that ranges between 20 and 400 kHz frequency to clean objects. The cleaning is done with the help of an solvent and the sound that creates cavitation that actually performs the cleaning. Using of solvent with lower surface tensions works best with these type of cleaners.
Instrument Washer
Prior to sterilization, the medical instruments require proper washing to clean the visible dirt. This can be done efficiently by our Instrument Washer. These washers take care of the multiple washing requirements of surgical instruments and medical facilities through its elaborate cleaning mechanism.
Autoclave Tape
Crepe embossed paper fabricated Autoclave Tape is used to determine status of sterilization method with the changing of its colored lines. Single side of this tape has pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive for applying on material surface. Latex free quality and non residue type adhesive are its main attributes.
Sterilization Flat Pouches
Medical grade paper and cast polypropylene film made Sterilization Flat Pouches are offered in light blue color. The color of these pouches changes as per sterilization status. These pouches can be obtained in different sizes to suit specific application needs.
Bowie Dick Test Pack
Offered Bowie Dick Test Pack is meant for single usage purpose. It is mainly utilized to determine performance of pre vacuum sterilization system under specific temperature. This test pack has color changing indicator and it can be used for steam based sterilization application purpose.
Autoclave & ETO Sterilization Roll
Wide range of Autoclave & ETO Sterilization Rolls are exported by us. These are used in industries for processing packaging applications. The rolls are made from stainless steel and provide great resistance to impacts and corrosion.
Air Circulation Oven
We are here to provide our clients a vast array of Air Circulation Ovens. These are used in industries and laboratories for processing applications like sterilizing, drying and many others.
Central Sterile Service
As a service provider, we offer reliable Central Sterile Service that is rendered by professional executives who deliver effective services.  They clean, disinfect and sterilize the reusable medical equipment such as syringes, drips and surgical instruments. All these services are delivered at clients medical facilities.
Sterilizer Repair Service
We offer professional Sterilizer Repair Service to clients owning medical facilities, hospitals and private healthcare clinics. These services are rendered by our highly trained team of medical executives who have proper certifications to perform the sterilization process.